We want to thank all congregants for their patience and for working with us in maintaining a
safe environment for our community.  We have been reviewing the most recent
recommendations from the CDC and the updated guidelines from the State of New Jersey.
 With the latest information, we are implementing the following changes and updates to our
current policies:
General updates

  • Everyone should continue to perform health screenings prior to coming to TJC; if you have any
    signs or symptoms of illness, please avoid coming on the campus
  • Everyone should have a mask with them at all times when on campus, in case it is needed
    Outdoor activities
  • Masks are no longer required for vaccinated people
  • People who are unvaccinated or under the age of 12 must continue to wear masks
  • Singing is allowed, without masks or social distancing for vaccinated people and with masks
    and 6 feet social distancing for unvaccinated people
  • Eating and drinking are allowed for vaccinated people
    Indoor activities
  • Effective June 15, sign up and preregistration for Shabbat morning services will no longer be
  • Masks are required in all common areas for everyone
  • If you are attending a meeting and everyone in the meeting is vaccinated, masks may be
  • Singing is permitted for vaccinated individuals provided that they wear a mask
  • Vaccinated individuals do not need to remain physically distant in the sanctuary.  
  • Unvaccinated individuals and children under 12 need to wear mask at all times while indoors
  • An area of the sanctuary will be reserved for unvaccinated individuals (and any others who
    wish to remain physically distant)
    We realize that these are the biggest steps forward we have made to return life back to normal
    at The Jewish Center. We continue to encourage everyone to get vaccinated as the data remain
    strong that this is the best way to protect both ourselves and our community.  
    Our goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. Our decision to continue
    to require masks in the building was not made lightly. We feel that as long as we have people in
    our community ineligible for vaccination (including children under 12), we should all wear
    masks for their protection. We encourage all who are uncomfortable taking their mask off AND
    anyone who has a medical condition that may increase their risk of severe infection to continue
    wearing their masks as they deem necessary.  We also ask everyone to have a mask on hand at
    all times while at TJC to accommodate anyone who may ask for a mask to be worn so as to
    increase their comfort and safety.  

As the numbers who are vaccinated rise and the infections rate continue to decline, we look
forward to a day when we can further resume normal activities. 
Alexandra Bar-Cohen, President
Joshua Eisenberg, Chair – Safety Committee
Naomi Richman Neumann, VP for Membership and Administration