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Thank you for visiting CJ High Holidays!

This project is an effort to bring the collective wisdom of the Conservative Movement in service of the leaders of our organizations throughout the world.

Lessons learned are meant to be shared.

We recognize, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, how deeply connected we are and how much we can learn from one another.

Humbly, we are excited to present some of what has been learned, gathered, and produced for our collective consumption with the hope that it will help you. We know we cannot solve every problem nor meet every need. We are a diverse movement with contexts throughout the world.

That is why this project, in particular, is a collaborative effort. Not only have we, as international organizations, come together, but we also invite you to help us gather the collective wisdom of our people.

You can find our collected and curated lists of materials below:

At this time, we’re gathering materials for the summer of 2021, building reopenings, and High Holidays 2021/5782.

You can find the original letter launching this website here.

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